This is Fabrizio, 46 y.o. on next September,


On 11 June 2017 I was elected as city councilman for Forza Italia. Currently I work as municipal councilor for Culture and Tourism in Gorizia.


I'm living in Gorizia. Staff Sergeant for the Italian Army, degree on 2005 in Internationals Studies. I studied english and arabic too.


Journalist from 2013, registered to the journalists order as publicist.


On June 2, 2020, I was awarded the honorary distinction of Knight of the Order "to the merit of the Italian Republic", conferred by the President of the Republic, Sergio mattarella.


I was married on 15th September 2013 with my wife Cinzia. In our family takes part our son Filippo.


You can resume myself with 5 adjectives:

optimism - dedication - jobshare - contrast - effort.

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