This is Fabrizio, 48 y.o. on next September,


In the municipal elections, thanks to the support of many citizens, I was the most voted in Gorizia in 2017 and 2022.


In the elections of 12 June 2022 I was the first of the 611 candidates elected to the city council. Thanks to the popular will, on 08 July 2022, I was reconfirmed as Councilor for Culture and Cultural Events; Unesco Candidacy Brda/Collio/Cuei; Coordination of the Theatrical system, Museum and Historical Heritage system (Castle, Synagogue, De Grazia Palace, Museum of Santa Chiara, Rafut Museum, Auditorium); Digitization; Toponymy. I am also a City Councilor of Forza Italia.


Regarding the previous elections of 11 June 2017, also on that occasion, I was the most voted out of 640 candidates for the city council and thanks to that result, on 04 July 2017, I was appointed by the Mayor, Rodolfo ZIberna: Councilor for Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Gorizia. At the same time, I also held the role of Municipal Councilor of Forza Italia.



I'm living in Gorizia. Staff Sergeant for the Italian Army. In 2007 I obtained, at the Second University of Naples, the First Level Degree in International Studies (recognition of conversion of the title in International Studies obtained, in 2006, at the Link Campus University of Malta in Roma). I studied english and arabic too.



Journalist from 2013, registered to the journalists order as publicist.


On June 2, 2020, I was awarded the honorary distinction of Knight of the Order "to the merit of the Italian Republic", conferred by the President of the Republic, Sergio mattarella.


I was married on 15th September 2013 with my wife Cinzia. In our family takes part our son Filippo.


You can resume myself with 5 adjectives:

Optimism - Dedication - Jobshare - Contrast - Effort.



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